Check out these talented flower boy in their first performance before the competitive “PRODUCE X 101” starts

The “PRODUCE X 101” contestants just have their first performance in front of the audience.

Recently, information about the show “PRODUCE X 101” of Mnet is extremely hot among fans, especially fangirls. This is a survival show started in 2016 and was the launcher for many famous project groups such as I.O.I, WANNA ONE and IZ*ONE.

A few day back, rumour was spread on SNS about the center of this season being Son Dongpyo from DSP Media. Reacting to this, Mnet only gave a short reply: “Watch the first broadcast and you will know”.

Son Dongpyo – the rumoured center of this year’s PRODUCE – daily photos

On March 21st, these talented flower boys officially appeared and had their first performance with the track “X1-MA” on M!Countdown. And as the rumour has said, Dongpyo is really the center of “PRODUCE X 101”.

Dongpyo is “PRODUCE X 101”’s center.
“X1-MA” – Produce X 101 [“M Countdown” 21/3]

Apart from Donpyo, netizens have discovered many other contestants to be their pick for the upcoming competition. They are Wooshin (UP10TION), Yohan (OUI Entertainment), Sunghyun (MMO Entertainment), Seobin (JYP Entertainment), Yunseong and Junho (Woollim Entertainment),…

Wooshin (UP10TION)
Yohan (OUI Entertainment)
Sunghyun (MMO Entertainment)
Jinwoo (Maroo Entertainment)
Seobin (JYP Entertainment)
Yunseong and…
… Junho (Woollim Entertainment)

As announced before, “PRODUCE X 101” will start filming in early April and will be on air every Friday night at 10 PM (KST) on Mnet from May 3rd.

Sources: k14

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