Charlie Puth leaning on RM (BTS) and chatting with Kang Daniel!

On the 6th of November, MBC Plus x Genie Music Awards 2018 (MGA) took place successfully with the participation of many great Korean artists such as BTS, TWICE, Wanna One, MOMOLAND,… and international star, Charlie Puth. After the ceremony, besides the spectacular performances, fans also paid special attention to the lovely moments of “See You Again” hit owner with the two groups BTS and Wanna One.

Charlie Puth and BTS have been interacting with each other on Twitter, and now they finally have a collaboration performance at MGA. It is not a surprise that the US-UK singer was acting very friendly towards BTS’ members. Besides, fans cannot help but also feel warm because of the interaction between Charlie Puth and Korean national center, Kang Daniel. They never known each other before, but Kang Daniel had shown his ability to communicate in English and be friendly when chatting with Charlie and expressed admiration for the star.

Handsome and manly Charlie also had cute moments with leader RM (BTS)
Charlie and BTS behind the scenes
Kang Daniel was shy from initiating conversation with the world famous singer and songwriter at first..
… but turned out they got along well. The two of them talked quite much when they sat together
Handsome faces of US-UK and Kpop in the same frame

Souces: k14

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