Charlbi Dean died shortly after winning the Cannes: Cause of sudden death revealed after 4 months 

The cause of Charlbi Dean’s unexpected death has been confirmed. 

As reported by People on December 22, the New York Medical Examiner’s Office announced the cause of death of Charlbi Dean after 4 months of investigation. Accordingly, the actress of “Triangle of Sadness” passed away due to a complication from a surgery she underwent 10 years ago.

Charlbi Dean
Charlbi Dean died at the age of 32 from sepsis

In August, Charlbi Dean died at the age of 32, to the shock of many. According to the investigation, she was infected with Capnocytophaga, leading to blood infection and death. Capnocytophaga is a type of bacteria found in the mouths of dogs and cats and is especially dangerous to people with weak immune systems and no spleen, typically Charlbi Dean. 

After a serious car accident in 2009, Charlbi Dean had to completely remove her spleen. In addition, she also suffered a broken wrist, 4 broken ribs, broken elbow and collapsed lung, resulting in even poorer health than the average person.

Charlbi Dean

Alex Jacobs, Charlbi Dean’s brother, talked to the press that right after noticing mild symptoms, Charlbi asked her fiance to take her to the emergency room. However, the 32-year-old star passed away just a few hours later. “It all happened within a day,” said Alex.

The source of infection that caused Charlbi Dean to become infected with Capnocytophaga has not been identified yet. The police are conducting an autopsy and will make a final conclusion soon.

Charlbi Dean
The South African actress was expected to become a Hollywood top star

Charlbi Dean was born in 1990, known for her roles in films such as “Black Lightning”, “Blood in the Water”, “Don’t Sleep”, etc. Not only is she famous as an actress, she is also a successful model. She became more widely recognized when she starred in the film that won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival – “Triangle of Sadness”.

Sadly, her sudden death before the film was released in theaters in October 2022 and shortly after the film won at Cannes, could not help but make the public extremely regretful and heartbroken.

Charlbi Dean

She played the social media star Yaya, the female lead in “Triangle of Sadness”, a satirical film about the super-rich that won the Palme d’Or at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. But before the film was released, Charlbi Dean suddenly passed away at 32. 

Source: people

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