Changing their hairstyles and makeup, TWICE members are ready to change to a new concept?

The changes in TWICE members’ appearances make K-pop fans believe that the group is gradually applying new concept.

These days, netizens have realized that TWICE members, one by one, change their looks, make-up and hairstyles. Chaeyoung became a hot topic on the forum Pann when she applied the sharp and bold make-up style instead of innocent and pure one. And recently, Chaeyoung also impressed many people with her bright-orange hair color and flattering bangs.

Chaeyoung is the member with the most obvious transformation during the past few days
Moreover, the group’s leader, Jihyo, has also been praised for her purple hair color, the color that doesn’t simply fit everyone’s look. The youngest member, Tzuyu, surprised her fans as she decided to abandon her long straight her to change into wavy hair and “ajuma” hair bangs. Mostly all K-pop fans have complimented the girls for their changes because whichever styles they apply, they’re still beautiful.

Jihyo and Tzuyu change their hairstyles

After making the debut with the girlcrush vibe during “Like Ooh-Ahh” era, TWICE has been stuck with the cute and girly concept. Although the group is very successful with this style, fans have gradually been bored, since TWICE applied the old concept too many times. K-pop fans assume that what TWICE needs the most at present is a breakthrough in concept idea for the next comeback.

Perhaps TWICE is ready to move to a new style?

The promotion period for “What Is Love” had ended, and it’s time for TWICE to prepare for a new music product. It’s likely that JYP Entertainment has already guided the girls to a new path.
Let’s wait and see the transformation of these 9 golden girls!

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