Chae Young and Sana (TWICE) – the same top but different vibe

Wearing the same top but these 2 members of TWICE give off 2 totally different vibes.

During a recent performance, Chae Young dressed herself in a self-made top which is an adorable tanktop with strawberry print.

Sana also chose the same strawberry-print top, but her way of wearing it is totally different. Instead of a oversize form like Chaeyoung, Sana tied her t-shirt back so that it hugged and showed off her curves perfectly.

The same top with a pleated skirt, but Chae Young and Sana’s vibes are totally different. Some love the energetic look of Chaeyoung, and some prefer Sana’s sexy style. This also shows how Korean idols can still show off their own unique vibe even when they wear the same clothing.

Source: iOne

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