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Ruining Kris Wu’s career, Du Meidzu posted a photo amid the scandal with an attention-grabbing message for the first time

Netizens are even more intrigued by a new photo of Du Meidzu, the girl who ruined Kris Wu's career.

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AOA Mina addressed Jimin, Seolhyun, her ex-lover in her latest handwritten letter clarifying the bullying scandal

Kwon Mina (former AOA member) once again mentioned the case related to the controversial internal bullying scandal in the past…

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Kim So-hye, “It is true that a school violence committee was held in the past”

Controversy over school violence against actress Kim So-hye from 'I.O.I' has been reactivated. Kim So-hye's side once again refuted this.

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JYP is said to be looking into ITZY Lia’s past through her former classmates

The newly revealed information raises doubts about whether Lia (ITZY) is really innocent in the school violence scandal.

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Kim So-hye’s side “The one who spread school violence rumors was the perpetrator, did submit a handwritten apology to the police”

Actress Kim So-hye, the former member of the group I.O.I has released her official statement on the spreading malicious rumors…

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Kris Wu ran away, sold off the super villa because of 568 million yuan of compensation for his scandal?

Currently, all information related to Kris Wu is extremely vague and transparent.

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The second Air Force sexual harassment defendant died in prison

A sergeant who was arrested and charged with second assault and threatening revenge on a victim in the death of…

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The last figure embroiled in the sensational sex scandal is Kris Wu’s mother? Scammer’s identity was revealed

1 week after Kris Wu’s shocking sex scandal broke out, netizens still pay attention to all the new details of…

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Interviewing the mysterious person who helped Du Meidzu expose Kris Wu: Revealing an unexpected plan with a huge amount of money to cover up the scandal

In the detailed notice document related to the scandal of Kris Wu and Du Meidzu, the police confirmed that Mr.…

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