TXT Soobin reveals the reason why he does not reply other people’s messages

TXT Soobin and Lee Young-ji represented the mind of "people who do not reply other people's messages".

Controversy over Lee Min Ho’s English pronunciation: Are netizens being excessively demanding? 

Does Lee Min Ho deserve negative comments only because he does not speak English fluently? 

Regarding an idol who didn’t bow in Korean style, Chinese netizens said: “Korea is our vassal state”

Amid controversy over Wang Yi-ren, a Chinese member of girl group Everglow, doing a Chinese greeting at a Korean fan…

NCT Dream got into controversy as sasaeng fan leaked photos of its member doing the middle finger

A recent post on Pann about NCT Dream’s controversial photos is receiving attention from netizens.

ITZY’s Lia rumored to have dated Show Me The Money’s BE’O in high school

The rumor was raised by a Korean netizen on Pann.

TWICE’s poor digital achievement with “Scientist” shocks netizens

Korean netizens on Pann are discussing the low position of TWICE’s new song on digital music platforms Melon and Genie.

Korean netizens recall the peak of BLACKPINK Jennie’s visuals and discuss her recent change in image

Jennie's recent bold and sexy image has caused Korean netizens to have mixed reactions. 

MOAs are angry at HYBE for the unreasonable aspects of TXT’s merchandise and ask ARMYs to boycott with them

A post on Pann expressing anger at HYPE for TXT’s unreasonable goods is gathering attention from netizens.

TWICE’s “Scientist” accused of copying Red Velvet’s “Umpah Umpah” (ft. K-netizens’ mixed reactions)

A post on Pann is gathering mixed reactions from netizens for accusing TWICE’s new song “Scientist” of plagiarizing Red Velvet’s…

Korean netizens point out one interesting similarity among K-rappers’ girlfriends (including Red Velvet’s Joy)

A popular post on Pann claims that Korean rappers usually have very pretty girlfriends.

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