Netizen is a term that is derived from the compound words of the English words Internet and citizen .

Controversy sparks over BTS fans flooding James Corden’s Instagram with negative comments, even on a condolence post

James Corden is currently being "attacked" by many BTS fans on all social media platforms.

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Netizens were angry when Kim Jung Hyun returned to his acting after the scandals

After the attitude scandal with Seohyun (SNSD), Kim Jung Hyun only stayed out of showbiz for a few months and…

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YGX’s dance practice video for the Mega Crew Mission on “Street Woman Fighter” was highly praised right after its release

The practice video of YGX for the Mega Crew Mission has just been released, and it immediately received explosive reactions…

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ITZY explodes in the comeback MV, netizens assert: JYP has not abandoned the group!

Still with ITZY's unique color, ‘LOCO’ received a positive response after its debut.

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HYBE accused of being ‘biased’ towards BTS’s Jungkook

This topic has sparked a lot of controversy not only within BTS fans but also Korean netizens.

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K-netizens showed explosive reactions after watching BTS’s performance at the UN General Assembly

Be invited to attend the UN’s General Assembly in New York, U.S, BTS has given a speech and performed.

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It was Jungkook or V who sang to BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girls?

Jimin was walking when a member's voice sounded, showing that this person was humming the chorus of Black Pink's Lovesick…

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The photo of Kris Wu, who is charged to sexual harassment, was edited? – “We found the original photo”

Recently, a report was released with a photo of a man believed be Kris Wu being imprisoned at a detention…

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The identity of the girl harassing Jennie and commenting about Jang Won Young’s double-eyelid surgery

She has been spamming comments about Jennie's sexual harassment Jang Won Young’s double-eyelid operation for almost a month but one…

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