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BTS Jungkook, a surprise first-row concert… in his room with 10 million ARMY

BTS Jungkook held an online concert with fans via live streaming on the night of the 30th.

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IU’s generous image when getting hit by the water bottle fan threw was summoned

The image of IU being hit in the face by a water bottle from a Chinese fan was summoned.

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The series of boring fake effects in Korean movies: Since when did Kim Yoo Jung – Cha Eun Woo know how to fly?

Korean dramas are famous for their attractive scripts, beautiful actors, but how lucky they are!

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The question that has not been answered for the past 2 years: Did RM (BTS) and Na Yeon (Twice) high five at that time?

Netizens recently released an analysis of a video from 2 years ago to find the answer to the question of…

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Fans burst out laughing at Mina’s choreography in TWICE’s new song

With the help of fans, the skills of "bartender" Mina (TWICE) have been fully shown.

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When YG idols attend a staff’s wedding, Luckily they didn’t sing BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love

Fans want to apply to be a staff of YG company when they see this wonderful benefit. On May 5,…

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“YG’s youngest trainee” gains attention for the cover of BLACKPINK’s How You Like That

Despite her young age, this girl's talent makes netizens crazy with two hits of G-Dragon and BLACKPINK

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The first time G-Dragon appeared after many years was on Jennie’s livestream, fans thought that the leader of BIGBANG would collab with BLACKPINK, but it turns out to be the dating hint of 2 idols.

Jennie's livestream nearly a year ago suddenly attracted attention after dating rumors between Jennie and G-Dragon appeared.

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A Korean female YouTuber make up like a baby, causing viewers ‘psychological trauma’

Recently, a video showing how to make up like a newborn baby of a Korean female beauty blogger has caused…

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