The reason why Netflix produced the Korean remake of “Money Heist” with the exact same events and flow as the original version’s

It’s pointed out that Netflix has a clear intention in making “Money Heist: Korea” knowing they would receive mixed reactions…

Even Yeo Jin-goo couldn’t save it: “Link” ended up in the 1% rating range with a failed complex narrative

"Link" dropped to 1.5%, which is its lowest rating ever. Even Yeo Jin-goo’s passionate acting can’t save the story.

Kim Woo-bin is raising fans’ high expectations for his transformation into a new character with a calm and cool image through “Alienoid” 

Kim Woo-bin, who has caught the eyes of fans with his diverse appearances in variety shows, dramas and movies, is…

“Money Heist: Joint Economic Area” reached No. 1 among non-English series on Netflix 

The Korean version of "Money Heist" topped Netflix’s non-English series category.

“Elvis” director, “BLACKPINK Rosé said that she first heard the name of Elvis Presley in an animated series”

Director Baz Luhrmann of the film “Elvis” told an anecdote of his conversation with BLACKPINK member Rosé about Elvis.

Jinx At First and the top K-dramas of June 2022: the series that shined the most is…

The summer of 2022 is filled with great Korean series, but which K-dramas in particular are doing the best?

The viewers got emotional after seeing Suzy perform a liar in “Anna”, “She has no choice but to become Anna”

Drama fans continue to pour out compliments for Suzy’s emotional acting in the drama “Anna”.

“Why Seo Hyun-jin was chosen to play Oh Soo-jae?”… She’s an amazing actress who can pull off three-dimensional characters

“Why Seo Hyun-jin?” - You can find the answer in the drama “Why Her”.

Actor Cha Seo-won and former B1A4 member Gong Chan cast as leads in the new comic-based BL drama “Unintentional Love Story”

Cha Seo-won and Gong Chan recently confirmed their appearance in the BL rom-com “Unintentional Love Story” as the main characters.

“Café Minamdang” Seo In-guk & Oh Yeon-seo, unusual relationship… Start with 5.7%

KBS2's Monday-Tuesday drama "Café Minamdang" opened the door for new-concept investigation works.

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