“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Ha Yoon-kyung got confused by the grown-up appearance of Joo Jong-hyuk, “Why are you suddenly acting like an adult?”

Ha Yoon-kyung was shaken as she found out the family situation of Joo Jong-hyuk in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Park Eun-bin♥Kang Tae-oh, breaking up before dating? → “Divorced” Kang Ki-young collapsed 

Kang Ki-young collapsed.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” ep 13: Park Eun Bin overheard Kang Tae Oh’s sister telling him not to introduce her to their parents 

Park Eun Bin was hurt by what Kang Tae Oh’s sister said in the latest episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. 

This actor to make a cameo appearance in the last episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and keep his loyalty to director Yoo In-sik

Actor Kim Joo-heon will appear as a cameo in the last episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

“Carter” ranks second in Netflix’s global film category… No.1 in 17 countries including Japan and Hong Kong

Netflix's new movie "Carter" (directed by Jung Byung-gil) is gaining popularity overseas.

“If You Wish Upon Me” Ji Chang-wook and Choi Soo-young “Healing drama… Predict the first episode’s rating will be 5%”

Actors Ji Chang-wook and Choi Soo-young showed confidence in the new drama "If You Wish Upon Me".

NewJeans entered Billboard after only 8 days of debut

Girl group NewJeans entered the Billboard chart 8 days after the release of their debut song.

“Anna” director’s cut is ready to be released as the Korea Media Board has completed the reviewing process

The Korea Media Board has finally finished reviewing Coupang Play’s “Anna” director’s cut.

She quits her job as a lawyer?… Lee Se-young puts on a full set of cleaning clothes in “The Law Cafe” still cuts

Still cuts of Lee Se-young wearing cleaning clothes in the drama “The Law Cafe” have been revealed.

“A really big event s coming…” The reason why you have to watch today’s episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

The ENA drama "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" will host a viewer event.

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