Heartbreaking stories in Seoul record rainfall and flooding 

The record rainfall and flooding in Seoul has left incalculable damage to people and property.

Jessica to join another Chinese variety show right after re-debut with Chinese girl group 

Chinese media reported that former SNSD member Jessica will join another Chinese entertainment program.  

The Haja Cultural Center where the author of “Woo Young-woo” graduated from was established by Park Won-soon?

Speculations are spreading online that the 12th episode of the popular drama "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" was related to former Seoul…

Dancer hit by 600-kg LED-screen awakes, important details are announced. 

Hongkong dancer Li Kai-yin gains consciousness. Nonetheless, his health is still in critical condition. 

Comparing this scene, we can see why the Japanese version of “Itaewon Class” failed

TV Asahi's "Roppongi Class", the Japanese version of JTBC's drama "Itaewon Class", recently started airing, but it has not surpassed…

Charlie Puth defended BTS Jungkook against haters 

Despite Charlie Puth and BTS Jungkook’s collab song “Left And Right” getting huge achievements, some people still feel the need…

A former idol who swept the K-pop scene released pictorial taken with his full-term wife

A former member of a popular Korean idol group released a pictorial taken with his full-term wife.

ex-EXO Luhan is caught drunk on the street by paparazzi

Chinese idol Luhan, who is an ex-member of EXO, was caught drunk on camera and this is already the second…

As a Chinese drama suddenly gained attention in Korea, how are Korean netizens reacting?

Chinese martial arts drama “Who Rules The World” is surpassing many K-dramas to gain popularity in Korea. 

This once popular actress is now a controversial YouTuber who posts only skin-revealing contents 

This actress has changed her job and is now a successful YouTuber with over a million subscribers. 

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