Cardi B covers the ”deadly” song from Squid Game, proving this series’ global popularity

Fans were amused by Cardi B’s cover of Squid Game.

Squid Game is a Korean drama that is causing a worldwide craze, and even globale artist Cardi B can’t escape it. Recently, on her birthday (October 11), during a livestream, Cardi B “threatened” viewers by singing the Squid Game soundtrack.

The soundtrack that Cardi B hummed is the most haunting background music that appeared in the first round of Squid Game, “Green light, red light.” However, Cardi B’s cover has a completely different vibe. 

Some comments:

  • When I first heard it, I thought Cardi B sang in Thai…
  • Now which flower dares to bloom?
  • Me when singing in Korean!
  • Detected the mysterious voice in Squid Game.
  • She is a hard-core fan of Squid Game LOL

The original lyrics are “Mukung hwa kkochi phi eot seumnita” (Mukung flowers have bloomed). Perhaps due to not knowing Korean, the female rapper created entirely new lyrics, however, it was completely meaningless.

Cardi B cover Squid Game
Cardi B is a die hard fan of Squid Game, and she even changed her profile picture to a blue-haired version of the girl doll. 
Cardi B cover Squid Game
Cardi B cover Squid Game
She also cosplayed as Squid Game’s V.I.P

Source: K14

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