Can BTS be considered to be exempted from the compulsory military service?

This would mean that A.R.M.Y will not have to say goodbye to their seven idols in the near future.

In early June, the entire KPOP fan community was haunted when Korea officially went through Renewable Military Obligation Law, in particular in two main areas. In which, firstly, all male citizens that over 28 years old (who were born in 1991 or earlier) will not be able to postpone compulsory military service for any reason upon receiving the invoice. Secondly, male citizens over 25 years old (who were born in early 1994), will be restricted on oversea activities, or abroad schedules, for which the upper limit is 5 times a year, and the total duration of staying abroad could not exceed 6 months.

The change in legislation has pushed more than 40 famous male idols into the emergency enlistment cases. Among them is Jin, a member of BTS – the boy group leading the Hallyu wave at the moment.

With a wide age range, BTS members’ years of birth stretch from 1992 to 1997 and they will probably have to be active with the absence of at least one member in the future unless they simultaneously register to join in the army, this is a disadvantage for BTS compared to other groups. According to calculations, since Jin enlists, it will take at least 6-7 years for all 7 members to be able to stand on stage together. This is what every A.R.M.Y feels anxious about.

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However, a recent statement has given the hope to the fandom, in which, Choi Dong Ho-a Sport critic mentioned on a radio program that BTS could fully receive military privileges, including compulsory military service exemption.

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Specifically, he said that the Korean Army has long since had exceptions for male athletes who have great achievements in the international arena and these athletes are not the only subjects. In the case that citizens are being recognized by the Korean government for their positive influences, the Korean military can give them the appropriate privileges.

On the BTS’s side, in the late May, they were personally greeted by the President of the Republic of Korea for their incredible performance on the Billboard 200.

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