Camila Cabello’s action makes fans expect a collaboration with Joy (Red Velvet) and Rosé (BLACKPINK)

Will there be a big collaboration between Camila Cabello, Joy, and Rosé in the future?

Camila Cabello suddenly commented on the clips of Rosé (BlackPink) and Joy (Red Velvet) on her personal page. In particular, in a clip, Joy appeared with Red Velvet while expressing love for the song “Havana” and looking forward to a collaboration with Camila Cabello.

Camila did not hesitate to comment on the clip, “Joy !!! You are so cute !! Next time, we should perform it together.”

Camila Cabello expressed her desire to perform with Joy in the future

Not stopping there, the singer “Havana” also expressed her interest in the clip that Rosé (BlackPink) expressed her love for Camila Cabello. Camila watched the clip and commented, “Rosie, thank you so much, beautiful.”

Camila also praised Rosé as the beautiful BlackPink vocalisCamila also praised Rosé as the beautiful BlackPink vocalist

On the same day, Camila interacted with the two goddesses in Kpop, therefore, fans are extremely excited and eagerly expect a collaboration between her with Joy and Rosé in the future:

-“Look, Camila Cabello is listening to Joy and Rosé.”

-“It would be great if Camila joined Joy and Rosé, all three are talented singers.”

“This lovely set of 3 please join together”.

“There will probably b a combined product soon. A US-UK and K-Pop hit is here!”

Sources: k14, twitter

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