Calling IZ*ONE ‘disbanded group’, a male MC was so fiercely attacked by fans that he had to apologize

However, a large number of netizens defended this MC and criticized IZ*ONE fans, saying that he is not entirely at fault in this incident

A controversy that broke out today has made MC Jang Sung Kyu – who is also very popular with the YouTube series “Workman”, becoming the target of fierce criticism from IZ*ONE fans. However, the majority of Korean netizens were annoyed with IZ*ONE fans, not Jang Sung Kyu.

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Specifically, on the morning of March 17, on the radio show “Good Morning FM This Is Jang Sung Kyu”, this MC / DJ asked listeners a question about IZ*ONE.  After playing the songs representing the two groups, Jang Sung Kyu asked, “What is the common point between Daft Punk and IZ*ONE?”. He answered his own question by stating the both had disbanded.

After this situation, many IZ*ONE fans attacked Jang Sung Kyu’s Instagram and left angry comments and messages because they thought he was joking about a sensitive issue of the group.  They urgently stated: “I will boycott his YouTube channel”, “Disbanding is not a fun thing. He is too careless to make such a comment”, “I understand he’s just trying to make the atmosphere more cheerful since it’s a morning show, but I still can’t accept that he makes a joke of disbanding.”  …

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In response to criticism from IZ*ONE fans, Jang Sung Kyu posted an apology on his personal Instagram.  The male MC wrote: “Firstly, I would like to apologize deeply to IZ*ONE and WIZ*ONE for having given such a question on my radio show today, regardless of the reason. I have always thought the most important quality of a radio DJ was to be considerate. However, I am really embarrassed to have read out such a question without hesitation, thus failing to be considerate of other parties. I am even more so embarrassed that I only realized the issue when I received DMs regarding the matter. Thinking about it again, the problem was that both me and the writers did not show consideration towards the IZ*ONE members and WIZ*ONE. I thought that I was someone that was sensitive and someone who kept up the basics, but it seems like I have lost my roots and become complacent. Through this incident, I will work hard to not be complacent and always be alert and become a DJ with deep consideration. Once again, I am sorry.”

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Although Jang Sung Kyu is receiving a lot of criticism from IZ*ONE’s fans, many netizens on online forums in Korea defended him and said that the male MC did not say anything wrong.  Many people claimed that IZ*ONE’s disbandment is a confirmed truth, and Jang Sung Kyu didn’t need to apologize just for saying something that everyone knows.

Meanwhile, even after Jang Sung Kyu apologized on his personal page, the wave of criticism from IZ*ONE fans aimed at him still showed no sign of cooling down.  After that, Jang Sung Kyu has set his Instagram in private.

Source: Instagram, Internet

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