Bvlgari’s staff reveals, “Lisa (BLACKPINK) can make our product SOLD OUT within 1 hour”

Everybody knows that BLACKPINK Lisa’s popularity is no joke. It’s enough to make every product that is promoted by her, or simply worn by her, sold out very quickly.

Recently, Diana’s manager – Lisa‘s close sister in Thailand suddenly posted a status line on her Twitter, which mentioned Lisa’s popularity and influence. Specifically, Venis Venice recounted that during a filming session with Bvlgari, a staff member of this prestigious fashion brand suddenly revealed that: “LISA can make our product sold out within 1 hour. Team Bvlgari did not expect Lisa to have such a big influence on sales. It is a phenomenon.”

Venis Venice then corrected her previous post “Actually, it’s 1 hour of booking worldwide. Earth globe”. However, it can be seen how enormous Lisa’s influence on a brand’s sales is. With a huge number of followers on social networks like Instagram, Lisa can easily advertise her products to a large number of fans around the world. Moreover, the coverage of Lisa in particular or BLACKPINK in general has long surpassed the framework of Korea. BLACKPINK is now an international group, so it’s not difficult to understand why Lisa can achieve such a remarkable achievement.

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