BTS’s youngest member – Jungkook – talked about the things he has learned from his BTS brothers

Jungkook talked about all the things he have learned from each of his brothers from BTS. It was full of affection.

Recently, an article was posted on the online community titled “Jungkook talked about the things he has learned from his brothers”. It was from an interview.

First, it’s Jin. Jungkook said, “Seokjin is funny person. He usually plays and jokes a lot, but he tries really hard behind everyone’s back.”

We never see his practice, but we can see the result from him The person who sings the most at the concert tour is Seok-jin,” he said. “I could feel his greed and passion that I had never known before.”

Next is RM. “There’s no need to talk about brother Nam Joon. If you guys are our fans, you will have know already all the things I have learned and follow from his cool and righteous self,” he said. “He’s a cool guy without the need of any word.”

“I think he is a qualified leader who can lead us well. “There’s a lot to follow, You taught me a lot, whether as a singer or a person, or just a close brother of mine.”

“Throughout my trainee life, I have never seen anyone who practices harder than Jimin,” Jungkook said. “He’s that much of a hard-working guy. Despite countless crises, he is now a popular member in the BTS. He did it with a real effort.”

As for Sugar, Jungkook said, “He’s a very level-headed person. He knows how to distinguish between public and private affairs like a knife,” he said. “That’s what I have learned after being with him.” Jungkook also said the thing he envied the most about Suga is his knowledge. There are some things he knows more than RM. He’s very grown up.”

Of course, we can’t miss V. Jungkook said, “Firstly, he is extremely handsome and sometimes he is a genius. Even though he seems to be careless, he is actually a meticulous person who checks everything from one to ten when people don’t look,” he said. “He doesn’t want to be greedy and he does slowly and carefully what he want to do. He taught me how to be calm in life.”

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