BTS’s youngest brother – Jungkook caught attention on his way home from work

 Jung Kook (BTS) impressed with his extremely fashionable outfit and charismatic, cold aura.

 On September 4, BTS was surrounded by the reporters after completing their schedule at a place in Yongsan-gu Park, Seoul, Korea.  Except for V and Ji Min who did not appear on the news due to private requests from Big Hit, the other 5 members, Jung Kook, Jin, RM, Suga and J-Hope, caught attention. Notably, the youngest Jung Kook got the most spotlight thanks to his handsome visual and irresistible charm.

BTS's youngest brother - Jungkook caught attention on his way home from work

 Jung Kook impressed with his stylish outfit. The male idol coordinated a Balenciaga T-shirt with wide leg jeans, wearing one side of the shirt to cover the tattoo on his right arm. The combat boots, bags and Chrome Hearts strap are the accessories that highlight Jung Kook’s perfect “boyfriend” look. The video of Jung Kook walking on his way home from work got over 300,000 views in just one afternoon.

 Fans praised Jung Kook’s increasingly eye-catching street style.  Previously, he often dressed casually and simply every time he appeared.  However, the youngest BTS member has proved his fashion style, which is both beautiful and expresses his own personality.

 Some comments are: “He’s like a hot boy in a movie”;  “It’s been a long time since Jung Kook showed off his style like this. It reminds me of Hollywood stars, but I can also see Jung Kook’s own style”;  “From head to toe is perfect”;  “Jung Kook coordinated his outfits even better than Big Hit’s stylists”;  “The way he walked coldly but politely bowed to the reporters made my heart flutter.”

 BTS just had a successful comeback with the single Dynamite. The song made history when it debuted at No.1 on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart.  BTS members are recording Dynamite performances to broadcast at several US shows in September.

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