BTS’s visual Jung Kook appears in a British teen magazine along with other global superstars

BTS Jungkook is drawing attention for his appearance in a British magazine as the representative of BTS.

Jungkook’s face was featured in Top of the Pops, a British monthly magazine for teenagers that gives updates on charts, gossip about stars, fashion & beauty, and quizzes.

Recently, Top of the Pops conducted a survey titled, ‘Who would you pick to fill the voice’s coaching slots?’


In the survey, the celebrities were divided into 4 categories’ RENOWNED ROCKERS’, ‘INTERNATIONAL LEGENDS’, ‘POP PRINCESSES’, ‘R&B ROYALTY’, and each category had 3 candidates.

BTS was nominated along with 2 other pop stars, Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande, in the ‘INTERNATIONAL LEGENDS’ category.


In particular, as it was a survey to select the voice’s coaching positions, the photo used for BTS was Jungkook’s face, the main vocal, instead of a picture of the whole group.

This also proved Jungkook’s popularity in this country and his high recognition and influence in the music industry. Moreover, this also showed that Jung Kook owns explosive popularity that could be compared to world-class stars and other BTS members.


Nominees in other categories were famous pop singers Justin Beiber, Olivia Rodrigo, Jason Derulo, Doja Cat, and singer-songwriter Dua Lipa.

Earlier, Jung Kook made headlines after he appeared in the survey of ‘Who is the star you want to date in your dream?’ held by a popular entertainment magazine for U.S teenagers, which contains gossips, games, posters, and quizzes related to celebrities.

In addition, Jungkook proved his international fame when he became the first cover model for ‘BRAVO’ magazine, the cover for Russian magazine and a German youth magazine.


The famous British daily newspaper, The Guardian, mentioned Jung Kook as a representative face of KPOP on the page of “How pop music become an international language?”. They also put Jung Kook’s photos next to many other famous pop singers.

Meanwhile, Jung Kook was chosen as the No.1 famous KPOP idol in 2021

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