BTS’s V tops 2022’s “TOP FACE OF THE YEAR” ranking

BTS’s V continues to shine as K-pop’s representative visuals.

In the recent “TOP FACE OF THE YEAR 2022” vote conducted by the entertainment media “100 the best face”, BTS’s V ranked first with 37.05% of the votes.

bts v

V has long been popular for his unrealistic celestial appearance. V’s face is highly praised by experts. A Japanese editor described his visual as “bewitching beauty with defenseless youth”. A writer at Vogue Italy said V is a 27-year-old that looks sixteen, unrealistic and mysterious.

bts v

V’s appearance is evaluated as the crystallization of beauty that encompasses not only the sculptural Western features close to the golden ratio and the mysterious beauty of the Orient, but also the enchanting lines where masculinity and femininity, boyish and masculine beauty are combined.

When V was ranked #1 in the 2022’s “Most Handsome Faces in the world” chart, Indian media “Trendy Kendy” said, “Among all idols, V is an attractive man with a persona that cannot be seen in this world. You will never see a more valuable face than him.”


V has recorded the most mentions of “The Most Handsome Man”-related topics in Google Trends for the past 10 years, and has dozens of handsome-related titles alone.

Source: Daum.

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