BTS’s Suga to appear in PSY’s “That That” MV

“That That” is the title track for PSY’s upcoming studio album, and also the artist’s first collaboration with the idol rapper Suga. According to PSY, the BTS member composed and wrote lyrics for the song, as well as also sang some parts in “That That”. But as it turns out, Suga did way more than that. 

BTS’s Suga is more than just the composer and lyricist of “That That”. 

In “That That”’s newest teaser, Suga actually made a surprise appearance. He and PSY were shown dancing to their heart’s content against the super hyped music. However, this entire cameo actually wasn’t planned, and Suga’s original role was limited to only writing the song. 


Talking about the experience, Suga shared: “Frankly speaking, I haven’t got the chance to get close to people I collaborated with. I’m not the type that offers to meet in person while I work. But PSY continuously asked me to meet him, and we had a lot of meetings throughout the production of “That That”.  Dancing with him was not my plan at all, I really thought that I would only write the song.”

BTS Suga

Meanwhile, PSY seems to have planned for this cameo all along, mischievously saying: “We first met because I heard that Suga was interested in composing for me. But then he learnt the choreography and appeared in the music video. Suga just kept getting more and more involved.” 

Suga never thought he would learn the choreography or appear in the MV. 

Beside Suga, PSY’s new studio album will also feature various other artists, including Zico, Heize, Jessi, Hwasa, Tablo, Crush, Sung Si Kyung, Suzy, and more. There are a total of 12 tracks in the album, which will drop on April 29. 

A teaser of “That That” that features BTS’s Suga. 
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