BTS’s online concert records impressive viewership… equivalent of 15 shows at a stadium, Knetz can’t stop praising

BTS once again proved their position by successfully pioneering in holding an online concert with an impressive scale and much higher viewership compared to real-life concerts.

Recently on June 14, BTS successfully held an online concert “BANG BANG CON” in anticipation of ARMYs and netizens. Amid the pandemic which is still raging, holding an online concert has been the solution chosen by many artists. BTS and Big Hit have also done this with many interesting ideas, bringing viewers all kinds of emotion.

At “BANG BANG CON”, BTS performed for nearly 100 minutes, sung various hit songs as well as the latest songs from the album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”.  During the online concert, the boys talked about a lot of things, and they were especially looking forward to having a real concert soon, where they could meet face to face with the fans.Big Hit boys ended the concert with an encore performance with the hit “Spring Day”. RM shared, “I am certain that Spring Day will be returning to BTS and ARMYs soon.”

Seeing the special performances and the wonderful experiences that BTS brought through the concert, netizens can’t stop praising BTS’s online concert. It is not difficult to see that this concert has solved many problems the world is currently facing.

First of all, it must be affirmed that this is an excellent “economic solution”.  Amid the intense pandemic situation, all economic production and entertainment activities have been”frozen”.  Many countries in the world and especially Korea are still dealing with new outbreaks, severely hindering all activities.

With a music industry operating at a rapid pace like Kpop, the impact of the pandemic is so significant that it is beyond measure. Even agencies with “huge” financial resources such as Big Hit or the BIG3 SM-YG-JYP have suffered heavy losses to maintain operations on schedule without profitable activities.

 Because this impact is not a day or two, organizing an online concert is the solution to solve the economic problem for artists.  It is estimated that BANG BANG CON claims a viewership record, reaching more than 756,600 paid viewers.  This is equivalent of 15 normal shows of BTS at a stadium of the Love Yourself Worldtour. The minimum ticket sales of the concert is estimated at KRW 25 billion, excluding sales of goods.

The global boygroup always has concerts at the stadium with a large audience, ranging from 40,000 to 50,000 audience, much higher than concerts in the arenas of other idols. However, with BANG BANG CON, this number is 15 times larger, proving that the method of organizing online concerts has been very effective for a world star with a powerful fandom like BTS.

Moreover, BANG BANG CON in particular and every online concert in general also brings great impact mentally. During a tense pandemic, there is a need to strictly follow social distancing, wouldn’t it be great if the artists released music online for fans and audiences all over the world to enjoy? Artists themselves can also maintain their inspiration to produce music amid a stressful epidemic. In general, this is an indirect yet effective way to contribute to the fight against the pandemic.

From an audience’s perspective, online concerts also solve many problems such as not having to fight for concert tickets in real life, avoiding unfortunate accidents that can happen while enjoying concerts such as pushing each other, losing things, or many dangerous incidents in crowded places, … Especially viewers can enjoy the visual of the artist very closely!  Although not having the atmosphere like in real-life concerts, it is undeniable that the advantages gained through virtual concerts are enough to bring great experience for the fans.

In summary, BTS’s online concert in particular and artists in general show that the new approach has been opened, even when the pandemic is over, the performance online is still an option with many advantages. Hopefully, Kpop groups will have more and more ideas to make online concerts become more interesting, promote their advantages and have more potential in the future!

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