BTS’s J-Hope once rescued a sick stray cat and took it to the vet for some treatments… “He even found a new owner for the cat”

On August 10th, J-Hope, who recently released a solo album, appeared as a guest on MBC’s Standard FM “Kim Ea-na’s Star Night”.

On the broadcast, J-Hope talked about various topics, including music, with lyricist Kim Ea-na, who was in charge of the radio DJ.

One of the radio listeners said, “Last year, J-Hope rescued a stray cat and took it to an animal hospital to receive treatment”, praising J-Hope’s personality.


In response to the unexpected message, J-Hope reacted “How did you know that?” as he was very surprised.

J-Hope said, “I saw a really pitiful cat on the filming set. My heart was about to burst when I met it. I’m raising a dog with bad eyesight. It has prosthetic eyes. The stray cat’s eyes are not good either. It was very skinny and small. I thought I should get some treatments, so I rescued him and take him to the vet to be treated”, revealing the story of when he saved the stray cat in detail.

The kind-hearted J-Hope even found a good owner so that the stray cat can grow up under human hands. 


Kim Ea-na, who was listening carefully to the story, praised J-Hope’s extraordinary personality, saying “It is a guilt to be such a perfect person.”

Radio listeners also raised their thumbs for J-Hope’s warm heart, saying “He’s so kind”, “As expected from J-Hope”, etc.

J-Hope, who brightened up the atmosphere with his story, said at the end of the broadcast, “It was so nice to appear on a program like this and sincerely confess many stories that I couldn’t tell you before. My solo album promotion has nearly come to an end. It’s time to wrap it up and thank you for your listening”, delivering a warm greeting to his fans. 

Meanwhile, J-Hope topped the U.S Billboard’s Main Album Chart and Single Chart with his solo album “Jack In The Box”. J-Hope, who is gaining huge popularity overseas, also marked the grand finale of the music festival “Lollapalooza” with his performance. 

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