BTS’s fansites closed down simultaneously in just 24 hours, what’s happening?

Many famous fansites of BTS simultaneously closed down or rest after the boys’ first concert for their tour “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” in the U.S.

The fansite culture (meaning people with personal professional cameras recording or taking photos of a group or 1 specific member of the group) is already familiar to the K-Pop fan community and BTS is also well-known to be the group with the most number of fansite who are loyal and ready to follow them anywhere. However, fans are in shock after a series of famous fansites for “The global boygroup” announced their hiatus or deactivation after just 24 hours.

The list of BTS’s fansites who have closed down or went on hiatus.

According to the most recent statistic, the number of closed down or rest fansites is currently 20. Even though people all know that it’s nothing new when a master (fansite’s owner) decides to close down, but a huge number of famous fansites simultaneously closed down is unnatural and only happens when the artist they follows has a serious scandal. This is even unnatural because the Big Hit boys are well-known for their golden characteristics and this happened only 2 days after their successful opening shows in Rose Bowl for “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself”.

The fansites all announced to “rest” after the Rose Bowl concert, some announced to go on hiatus until the U.S concerts ended.

So what are the reasons that BTS’ fansites are closing down or temporarily suspended?

According to many sources, the fact that BTS fansites closed or stopped temporarily was not due to the group being involved in any scandal but because many international ARMYs are putting pressure on the fansites for bringing cameras to the concert. Although bringing professional cameras to the concerts are also prohibited but in Asian countries, the fact that fansite masters “ignore the rules”by filming and taking photos is considered a norm. Many photos from fansites are even enjoyed by idols.

Many emotional, popular photos are taken by fansites
V even hung a fansite photo in his room

However, the culture of watching concerts in the U.S is not the same. Fans there disagreed with the fansites bringing cameras to the concert, they consider it an act of violating the rules and the masters are seen as “stalkers” who could annoy the artists. Therefore, when they discovered any fansite taking photos of BTS during the concert at the Rose Bowl, many international ARMYs were extremely angry and attacked these people so aggressively that they could not stand the pressure and had to stop working.

A Jimin fansite stopped working temporarily because of the attack from the netizens

Currently, this issue is a controversial topic within the BTS fandom. Many people disagree with the international fans’ aggressive actions, saying that the fansite culture has existed for a long time in Kpop, their photos are even an effective promotion way for the idols. It’s okay as long as the fansite does not directly affect their idol. In addition, many people attacked the fansites but still use the photos they took.

However, many fans still firmly criticized the fansites because there’s a rule that prohibits bringing cameras and the masters’ action is illegal. They are against the action of following BTS to take photos and don’t support the fansite culture.

What do you think about this?

Source: kenh14

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