BTS’s albums are back on iTunes chart thanks to ARMY’s fury towards the controversial result at the People’s Choice Awards

BTS’s whole discography is returning to the iTunes charts of many countries, showing the ARMY fandom’s power whenever something happens to their idols.

After the news about BTS lost all 3 awards to BLACKPINK at the People’s Choice Awards 2019 (PCAs) got out, the ARMY community is furious. According to their proofs, PCAs has been unfair to the boy group when the voting results of BTS were much higher than BLACKPINK’s.

ARMYs are angry that BTS was questionably robbed off at the PCAs 2019

However, instead of attacking the related names, ARMY put all of their furies into an act of sweeter revenge: bring BTS’s albums back to the iTunes charts all over the world.

As of Nov 12th, all 13 Korean albums of BTS have simultaneously returned to the U.S iTunes Chart with the highest rank belongs to “Map of the Soul: Persona”. The latest album of BTS was at the top 700 but immediately returned to #2 on the chart after the event. Not just that, “Map of the Soul: Persona” is leading the Bestsellers chart on the U.S iTunes.

Not just all of BTS’s Korean albums returned to the U.S iTunes charts…
…”Map of the Soul: Persona” even returned to #2 from the top 700.

“Map of the Soul: Persona” doesn’t just surprise the U.S iTunes, but also different iTunes Charts in many other countries. As of right now, BTS’s latest album has returned to its #1 in 44 countries, including the latest one in Ireland. In the U.K – one of the hardest music markets in the world – BTS has even reached #2 on iTunes. Not stopping at that, “Map of the Soul: Persona” has once again conquered the #1 of Worldwide iTunes Album Chart.

“Map of the Soul: Persona” reaches #2 on the U.K iTunes
#1 of Worldwide iTunes Album Chart.

Apart from that, the “Cypher” tracks, which were made by BTS for their anti-fan, also soared on charts. These songs are known to be ARMY’s favorites to listen to when they want to vent their anger.

BTS’s tracks for anti-fan also rose on the charts.

ARMY’s action of bringing back BTS’s albums onto the charts is being seen as proper and well-mannered revenge instead of bashing and attacking on SNS, because achievement is the most sufficient proof of their success. Korean netizens are wowed by the power of BTS’s fandom. Some even said that this could even be seen as their official comeback.

– We don’t call them I-lovelies for no reason

– Hul they’re so cool

– They’re now #1 in France too, I love you global ARMY!!!!

– I’m also buying their season greeting now, let’s go up together I-Lovelies!!!!!!!!

– I got so mad at the award showㅠㅠ  But still, I get comforted knowing that so many ARMY from all over the world is feeling the same way I did and continuing to show support to BTS…

– They’re amazing for showing their fighting power by streaming the songs and listening to “Cypher”

– Hehehehehe me too I listen to “Cypher” whenever I want to vent my anger

– Even when they announce a surprise comeback it’s hard to achieve a #1 in all countries like that /shiver/

– They’re not even coming back but it feels like a comeback

– Wow talk about a constructive way to vent their anger

Source: kenh14

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