BTS won KBS Song Festival for 4 consecutive years even though no awards ceremony was held?

Problems occurred in the process of KBS conducting a survey in celebration of its 50th anniversary. 

According to a report by Star News on December 21st, KBS recently sent reference materials to the candidates in the process of conducting a survey to select “50 Artists Who Shined KBS” but it turned out that the list of KBS Music Festival winners included singers (groups) that were not nominated.

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In the reference data about candidates for “50 Artists Who Shined KBS”, the winners of the KBS Music Awards were included. The problem is that this award ceremony system was already abolished in 2014, and they only announced the winner every year.

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The title “KBS Music Awards” was changed to “KBS Song Festival” in 2006. Due to unfairness, awards for singers (groups) were also abolished. Later, in 2007, KBS carried out a competition between male and female singers. In 2009, KBS began to announce “Popular Song of the Year selected by viewers” every year, but also abolished it in 2012. In 2013, singers were selected for “Popular Song of the Year”, but no awards have been awarded since 2014. No award ceremony nor vote were announced for the 2022 KBS Song Festival either.


However, the reference list for the selection of “50 Artists Who Shined KBS” candidates included winners of each year, such as Soyou & Junggigo (2014), EXO (2015), TWICE (2016) BTS (2017 – 2020), and IU (2021). The appearance of winners, who were not announced on any broadcasts, raises netizens’ curiosity. A KBS official said to Star News, “As the Song Festival awards system has been abolished, no vote nor score counting was carried out”.

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This makes fans and the public question why those winners appeared on the list, and based on what criteria they were selected. Therefore, the issue is expected to have a significant impact as KBS has not announced any awards for singers since 2014. 

In this regard, a KBS official said, “The data is for reference only”, adding “We will notify you after checking information on that part”.

Source: Daum

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