BTS won Daesang for the 4th time in a row at 2021 TMA, BLACKPINK, TWICE, aespa are empty-handed because of their absence?

One of the earliest awards ceremonies in 2021 has ended. BTS won the most awards of the night.

On the evening of October 2, The Fact Music Awards 2021 (TMA 2021) officially took place. This is the 4th year this award ceremony is held. This is also one of the earliest year-end awards, marking the beginning of different award ceremonies that are coming soon.

the fact music awards
The 2 MCs of the awards ceremony are Shin Dong Yeop and Seohyun (SNSD)

The award ceremony hosted by Shin Dong Yeop and SNSD’s Seohyun has an outstanding line-up including: BTS, ITZY, Brave Girls, Super Junior, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, STAYC, CRAVITY, ATEEZ, Kang Daniel, Weeekly, Stray Kids, Oh My Girl, The Boyz, ASTRO, Lim Young Woong, Hwang Chi Yeol.

As expected, BTS is the winner of the only prestigious Daesang award at TMA 2021.

the fact music awards
BTS wins Daesang for the 4th time in a row at 2021 TMA

The Fact Music Awards is only 4 years old, but BTS has won 4 consecutive Daesangs. TMA is truly an award for BTS! Besides Daesang, BTS also brought home 4 more awards: Bonsang Artist of the Year, N Star Most Voted, Listener’s Choice and U+ Idol Live Popularity Award.

the fact music awards
Besides Daesang, BTS wins 4 other awards

The groups that won Bonsang Artist of the Year award include: BTS, ITZY, SEVENTEEN, ASTRO, Oh My Girl, Brave Girls, ENHYPEN, ATEEZ, The Boyz, Stray Kids, Kang Daniel, Super Junior, TXT.

the fact music awards
ITZY wins Bonsang Artist of the Year
the fact music awards
TXT is a rare group that didn’t participate directly but still received the award
the fact music awards
Super Junior won the Worldwide Icon Award.
the fact music awards
SEVENTEEN pocketed the World Best Performer award.

This year’s TMA seems to be giving trophies only to the artists present at the ceremony. Not attending the ceremony, famous groups like TWICE, BLACKPINK or outstanding rookie aespa did not receive any awards.

Summary of awards at The Fact Music Awards 2021:

Daesang: BTS

Bonsang Artist of the Year (Artist of the Year):

  • Brave Girls
  • The Boyz
  • Stray Kids
  • Kang Daniel
  • Super Junior
  • TXT
  • Oh My Girl
  • ITZY
  • BTS

Next Leader of the Year: STAYC

Hottest Award: Weekly, CRAVITY

World Best Performer: SEVENTEEN

Worldwide Icon: Super Junior

Listener’s Choice: BTS

U+ Idol Live Popularity Award: BTS

Fan N Star Choice: Hwang Chi Yeol, Super Junior

Fan N Star Trot Popularity: Lim Young Woong, Jeon Yu Jin

Fan N Star Best Ads: Lim Young Woong

N Star Most Voted Fan: Hwang Chi Yeol, BTS, Lim Young Woong

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