BTS won all Daesangs of an award ceremony for 3 consecutive years, fans proposed: Change the name of the award to BTS award!

Since the TMA award ceremony came into operation, BTS has won the Daesang awards in all years.

On the evening of December 12, The Fact Music Awards 2020 (TMA 2020) officially took place.  Similar to the previous award ceremonies, TMA 2020 had to also be held online, without an audience because of the epidemic. The ceremony brought together many famous artists such as BTS, TWICE, SEVENTEEN, Super Junior, MAMAMOO, Kang Daniel, IZ * ONE, ITZY, TXT, Stray Kids … Not too surprising, the prestigious Daesang belonged to BTS.

BTS won all Daesangs

In addition to the Daesang award, BTS also won 3 other awards: Year’s Artist (Artist of the Year), Worldwide Icon, Listener’s Choice. As for Daesang, this is the 3rd consecutive year that BTS has won this award at TMA.  It is worth mentioning that TMA has only held only 3 seasons.

BTS won all Daesangs
BTS won all Daesangs
BTS won all Daesangs

Gathering all Daesangs since TMA started to organize until now, Knetizen also suggested that the organizers change the Daesang award to the BTS award:

– BTS all-killed TMA’s Daesang.

 – This ceremony only has 1 Daesang.  It seems that TMA must give Daesang to BTS for a long time.

 – TMA recognition is very fair.  BTS deserves Daesang for all 3 years.

 – Who doesn’t know that they thought Daesang won the BTS award.

 – Change Daesang’s name to BTS

 – It is not surprising that Daesang belonged to BTS.

BTS won all Daesangs

Summary of awards at TMA 2020

Bonsang Artist of the Year (Year’s Artist): MAMAMOO, Hwasa, Kang Daniel, BTS, GOT7, TWICE, NU’EST, IZ*ONE, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN, Super Junior

TMA Popularity Award: Super Junior

Next Leader:  Weeekly, CRAVITY, ENHYPEN

Global Hottest: Stray Kids, (G)I-DLE, The Boyz, ATEEZ

Best Performer: ITZY, TXT, Jessi

Worldwide Icon: SEVENTEEN, BTS

Fan N Star: Super Junior, Hwang Chi Yeol

Fan N Star Trot Popularity: Lim Young Woong

Listener’s Choice: BTS

Daesang: BTS


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