BTS won #1 on the same week with their comeback stage: “We are so grateful to our ARMY”

BTS received No.1 on the same day with their comeback stage.

BTS topped the KBS2 music program “Music Bank,” which aired live on April 19th afternoon, after BTS’s “Boy With Luv” and competed for the top spot against BOL4’s “BOM”.

After combining digital scores, viewer preference scores, broadcast scores and physical scores, BTS got 11,231 points and BOL4 got 4,865 votes.

After receiving the trophy, BTS gave a speech where they mentioned: “We are so grateful to our ARMY”.

BTS released their mini album “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA” on April 12th. Having delivered the message through the “LOVE YOURSELF” series for two and a half years that “Love Yourself Is the start of true love”, BTS talks about the strength they have gained from their current position as a global superstar, the source of that power, and moreover, the future where they are moving forward through that power.

BTS, who has been going on tour around the world on stage as well as finishing their album’s promoting activities, from the starting point of their worries comes the first album “PERSONA” of the series “MAP OF THE SOUL” which expresses their idea of “I want to know more about you”.

As can be seen, the title track “Boy With Luv” is related to the song “Boy In Luv” released in February 2014. While “Boy In Luv” is about the childhood love, “Boy With Luv” is about how the man enjoys the little things about everyday life and happiness, and keeping these little things is true love and power. The song is not about the peace of the world or the great order, but the “interest and love I have for you, the joy of small and simple love.”

Halsey, a worldwide famous singer, is also featured in the song. She was able to express from the thrill and joy of love to the flutters in a colorful way and to organize performances that can show the members’ expressions and acting skills.

Meanwhile, BOL4’s “BOM” is a song that begins cutely with the repeated riffs and acoustic guitars by the plug-synth. It adds freshness to the emotion of spring with the string in the first half and the chorus of the song. Member Ahn Jiyoung was in charge of writing and composing. BOL4 did not appear on “Music Bank” on the same day.

Sources: Nate

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