BTS will rumoredly collaborate with Coldplay: BIGHIT’s response drives fans crazy

If BTS is really invited by Coldplay, this will not only be an explosive collab but also make fans proud.

BTS has had the opportunity to collaborate with many artists in the world music industry, but if it is a collaboration with Coldplay, it will be very explosive news.  Coldplay is an English rock band formed in 1996 and is one of the most successful artists of the new millennium with album sales of more than 50 million copies.  However, Coldplay has its own musical personality and is very demanding in its works, especially in collaborating with someone.  So if BTS can catch their eyes then this will be the greatest news this year. 

BTS will rumoredly collaborate with Coldplay: BIGHIT’s response drives fans crazy

On July 15, it was rumored that Coldplay would feature with BTS in an unreleased song.  Accordingly, this track is said to be titled ‘My Universe‘, which will be on Coldplay’s upcoming album called ‘Music of The Spheres‘ (predicted title).

Another hint also appeared from the MatchLyric music lyrics site.  This site has uploaded the lyrics of the song ‘My Universe‘ with the words ‘feat BTS’ and the lyrics also have a part in Korean.

In addition, there are audio clips believed to be part of the song ‘My Universe‘ that have been leaked online.  Accordingly, listeners can recognize the voices of Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Jungkook (BTS).  And just like the rumors, the singing part supposedly performed by Jungkook is also in Korean.

On the same day, Big Hit Music gave a response to the media about this rumor: ‘It is difficult for us to confirm the content mentioned.’  In addition, Warner Music Korea (Coldplay music distribution representative in Korea) also had the same response as Big Hit.

It is known that BTS and Coldplay have never had any collaborative projects before.  However, the beginning of this relationship came from the fact that BTS covered Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ in the show ‘MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS’ aired in February 2021.  At that time, Coldplay shared this cover on SNS and attached a compliment written in Korean: “Really beautiful @bts_twt.  Sending love from c, g, w, and j’ (*Coldplay members’ initials).

Coldplay is a group that is often very strict in licensing copyright for other artists to cover their songs.  They once refused large sums of money with requests to use the group’s music in movies, advertisements, or covers.  However, Coldplay approved BTS to cover ‘Fix You’ and (most likely) sent an invitation to collaborate with the group, which is very meaningful to the BIGHIT boy group as well as the ARMYs.

In addition, in a recent interview with PopCrush, Coldplay’s main vocalist Chris Martin shared about the possibility of a collaboration with BTS.  He said, “About BTS, I don’t want to show anything other than love and respect for the group.  All 7 boys are cool, they represent good things and sing about great things.’

And in addition, Chris Martin also has a share that makes fans believe that BTS has been able to sing Korean in this collaboration.  He said, “It is a fact that BTS is very popular even when only singing in Korean.  They don’t always have to sing in English.  I love them so much and so if there’s a song that’s right for us to collaborate, I’d never say no.’

Some Knet comments on the news that Coldplay may have invited BTS to collaborate on a new song:

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