BTS, “We know that popularity is not for ever. So we enjoy the ride, the rollercoaster”

“We know that popularity is not for ever,” BTS told British’s The Guardian in an interview.

In an article titled “How BTS became the world’s biggest boyband,” leader RM said that they just enjoy the moment rather than being permanently popular.

RM said, “We know that popularity is not for ever. So we enjoy the ride, the roller coaster, and when it ends, it just finishes. We’re on the jets and in the stadiums, but I don’t feel like it’s mine. It’s like we just borrowed it from somebody.

The Guardian reported that BTS flew in a private jet to come and perform at the O2 Arena in London from the 9th to the 10th. The magazine also stated that the group became the first K-pop group to reach the top of the Western music industry by achieving monumental achievements such as their Cityfield concert with 40,000 fans, being No.1 on Billboard for the second time, and their speech at the U.N General Assembly.

Fame is like a shadow,” said Suga, “There’s light and there’s darkness; it’s something that follows you constantly and not something you can run away from. But people tend to respect our privacy. We go to art galleries a lot and people don’t really bother us, then after we leave they’ll make a [social media] post.

J-Hope added, “If it gets too much and it crosses a line, then it can be a source of stress but for me, at least, it’s a sign of their love.

Regarding the prejudices of KPOP, Suga said, “It’s pointless to argue or fight about it. Frankly, I can’t understand people who want to put down a certain type of music, whatever that might be. Classical music was pop music in its own age. It’s a matter of taste and understanding – there’s no good or bad, there’s no highbrow or lowbrow.”

Lastly, the Guardian reported that members who had been targeting Grammy Awards recently added the target for the 71,000-audience Super Bowl halftime show. “We want to show as much as we can,” said Jimin with his gaze unwavering. “We only want to be able to show our best.

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