BTS was once under lots of criticism but RM’s prophecy has come true

Looking back at BTS when they first debuted, the seven Big Hit boys had to face a lot of criticism. But RM’s prophecy has come true

Nowadays, in the idol world, stories about idols falling into depression are not uncommon.  The reason why idols are so severely affected psychologically is largely due to malicious comments on social networks.  However, instead of choosing to compromise, RM (BTS) used to be tough to have a positive way of dealing with malicious comments.

In the initial period, most rookie groups will hardly receive attention and love from the public.  BTS is no exception.  They received negative comments the group’s visuals and music.

In 2014, during 4 Things Show, BTS’s leader RM once spent time reading negative comments about the group.

Here are some of the comments he read:
  • RM’s face doesn’t look like an idol.
  • He raps in BTS song but he’s ugly.
  • These guys don’t get very far.
  • He debuted as an idol, does that mean he’s given up being a rapper?
  • Can this song be called hip-hop?  No!
  • BTS’s rap lyrics?  Is that even considered a song lyrics?

After reading antifan’s comments, he quickly gave a tough response, “I will prove it to you”.  As the saying “time will prove all”, BTS only took 2 years to prove this “prophecy”.

RM himself as well as the other members proved themselves right in 2016. This was a dream year for BTS, but they made it come true.  With the album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever, BTS won their first Daesang at the Melon Music Awards in November 2016.

From 2016 to 2020, at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, the group won the Artist of the Year award for 5 consecutive years.  Until January 2021, BTS has owned a total of 61 major awards.  So far, BTS is still on the way to reaching the group’s dream, has been and will achieve more glorious achievements.


On May 21, 2021, the group also released the new song “Butter” and continued to set an impressive record on YouTube.  Looking back at BTS at the time of their debut and compared to them today, the group has really made unexpected strides.  Rising up strongly from criticism, the group is a typical example of effort.  They overcame all challenges to pursue their passion and get a foothold in the top of Kpop and position of K-pop on the world music map.

Source: K14

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