BTS was nominated for Grammy, the Chinese media immediately sarcasm: “Think twice before saying anything”

The fact that BTS received a Grammy nomination has become a hot topic in China, and the media was given the opportunity to reiterate the group’s previous controversy.

On November 24, the Recording Academy announced the Grammy nominations via a live broadcast.  In particular, BTS officially received a nomination in the category ‘Best Pop Duo / Group Performance’ for the song ‘Dynamite’.

This is the first Grammy nomination of BTS’s career, and also the first Grammy nomination of Korean pop music artists.  This is a very admirable and proud achievement for any music artist in the world.

Chinese newspaper suggests BTS was nominated for Grammys thanks to China

Even in China, where BTS just had to go through a wave of ‘boycott’, it is still impossible to ‘ignore’ the group’s Grammy nomination achievements.  The fans in China still congratulate the group and the related hashtag quickly entered Hot Search on Weibo.  However, this may have made a part of Cnet and the media in this country dissatisfied. Immediately, the Chinese newspaper Global Times reported on this issue with the headline: “Think twice before saying anything: Chinese netizens on Sina Weibo about BTS’ Grammy nomination”

At the beginning of the article, Global Times mentioned that BTS just received a Grammy nomination, and then described the warm response from the ARMY fandom in China to the group.  Article posts: “The hashtag “BTS wins Grammys nomination” quickly began trending on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo, where it had earned 150 million views as of Wednesday afternoon. A lot of fans, who refer to themselves as the ARMY, congratulated BTS on Sina Weibo, calling for their idols to keep setting records around the world. 

“Congratulations to BTS! You deserve the nomination! Hope you can continue creating miracles in the future,” one Chinese fan wrote on Sina Weibo. “

Then the page pointed out that not everyone is happy with the achievement or celebration of BTS’s Grammy nominations.  Global Times reiterated that just not long ago, BTS was entangled in controversy because of RM’s statement at the James A. Van Fleet Award ceremony.  At that time, many Cnet said that the group was having a disdainful attitude and aroused the pain of the Chinese.  The boycott wave broke out and only subsided when some Chinese foreign ministry officials spoke up with the intention of reconciliation.

However, watching Chinese fans celebrate BTS’s historic achievements at Grammy has made many Cnet uncomfortable.  The newspaper continued to report the following comments: “You guys are breaking the limits of idol worship. BTS’s previous speech about the Korean War hurt us so much, and now you are still supporting them. Please have some self-respect,” one Chinese netizen complained on Sina Weibo. However, some ARMY members refuted that they did not forget the comment but that they think the nomination is an affirmation of the band’s abilities and that they, as fans, should show their support.”

The last paragraph of this article is what makes the ARMY community the angriest.  Accordingly, the Global Times page pointed out that the group’s Grammy nomination was due to some previous international achievements, and these achievements are all thanks to Chinese fans. “It seems that some fans have chosen to be understanding when it comes to the band, but it would be nicer if these young pop stars could think twice before voicing their opinions in public.” – the article said

Here is the excerpt from the end of the Global Times article:

“The nomination is closely related to BTS’s high popularity around the world. In 2017, they became the first K-pop act to win a Billboard Music Award as well as made it into the top 10 of the Billboard 200 charts. They also made their US television debut by performing two songs at the 2020 American Music Awards on Monday.

Their excellent achievements in recent years owe much to the contributions of the Chinese ARMY. 

On Douban, a Chinese media review platform, some netizens created a discussion group and posted some chat snapshots to show how Chinese fans spent a lot of money helping BTS win the Billboard Music Award.

According to one snapshot, Chinese fans spent millions of yuan raising funds to help BTS’s single “Dynamite” reach the top of the list for most downloads on an international music platform.

It seems that some fans have chosen to be understanding when it comes to the band, but it would be nicer if these young pop stars could think twice before voicing their opinions in public. Tolerance is based on respecting territorial and sovereign integrity and personal dignity. If the Chinese are hurt a second time, it may cause a further loss of the Chinese ARMY members.”

The reaction of BTS fans and netizens to the Global Times article

Perhaps needless to say, it is understandable how angry BTS fans are with this article.  Once again, they asserted that BTS did not have any hostile statements towards China and that it was all misrepresented by Cnet and the Chinese media. 

In addition, many fans also feel that the Chinese press thinks BTS’s Grammy nomination is due to Chinese fans is very absurd.  They pointed out that the site linked the group’s previous awards such as the Billboard Music Awards, and then said that Chinese fans paid money to help BTS get this award.  Meanwhile, Grammy has its own criteria and doesn’t even depend on Billboard Hot 100 or Billboard Music Awards that BTS only received two awards, ‘Top Social Artist’ and ‘Top Duo / Group’.

In the end, they believe that Global Times, or any Cnet, have no right to instruct and advise BTS.  In addition, they also asked China to stop thinking that all of BTS’s achievements are thanks to this country.

Sources: tinnhac

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