BTS was marketed by a US TV show as an important guest but ended up appearing for… 3 seconds

Seeing this, ARMYs recalled Halsey’s warning a year ago when she said that the Kpop boy group was being taken advantage of by various media for clout.

Over the past few years, BTS has become one of the rare Kpop groups to expand their popularity rapidly in the international market. To be more precise, they are the only Korean boy group to achieve public recognition equal to the hit singers in the US. One of the most important factors that helped BTS get this impressive achievement is their massive fandom and them being extremely active on social media, thanks to which the boys’ names are seen everywhere. The Big Hit group has become one of the names guaranteeing the ratings and views on any program that the group appeared on.

However, recently, an incident that irritated BTS fans happened at an American show called Ardy’s Summer Playlist on Disney Channel.  Specifically, BTS was marketed as an important guest of the lineup but in fact, the boys only showed up for 3 seconds out of the total duration. ARMYs then angrily claimed that Ardy’s Summer Playlist only used BTS for views.

A year ago, Halsey shared at a radio show, “BTS is a band that has been taken advantage of, in many ways, by people promising them spins and radio play in exchange for social media power”. As a person with long experience in the US entertainment industry, what Halsey shared is very much trusted, and Ardy’s Summer Playlist this time has somewhat proved that BTS is in fact being taken advantage of overseas, and even by some domestic programs.

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