BTS was honored in the top 10 VISIONARY at MAMA 2020, but fans were angry and criticized the organizers for cutting Jin’s image from the group photo.

BTS’s honor at the MAMA 2020 awards ceremony became incomplete when Jin disappeared from the group photo.


BTS excellently won all four Daesang awards within the framework of the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA 2020).  This is the 2nd time that the “global group” has all-killed all Daesang at MAMA.  However, fans became angry when they saw Jin disappear at the time BTS was honored in the 2020 VISIONARY list.

2020 VISIONARY is a list announced by CJ ENM Group, honored by actor Song Joong Ki at the special section at the MAMA 2020 awards ceremony. But fans discovered that only 6 BTS members appeared on the screen. Jin completely disappeared


The mistake of the organizers made ARMY extremely angry because BTS always emphasized that they are a 7-member group.  Even when having to perform or receive awards with 6 members because SUGA is resting due to shoulder surgery, the boys never forget to mention SUGA or reserve space for him.  This shows that the number 7 is extremely important for the group.

Moreover, 2020 VISIONARY is also a category honoring the characters who dedicate themselves to the innovation and development of Korean entertainment this year.  Therefore, the lack of one member’s image is considered disrespectful to BTS.


As a result, fans quickly pushed the keyword “BTS IS 7” to No. 2 on Twitter’s top global trending and asked the organizers of MAMA 2020 to apologize.  Fans also sent countless love messages to Jin and BTS members, asserting that the group is only perfect when there are 7 people.

Some comments:

  • BTS is 7. Even BTS is very attentive to this. But what did MAMA do?.
  •  “Kim SeokJin again”.  Use the word “again” because it’s not the first time SeokJin is treated like that.
  • – BTS is a 7-MEMBER group, can you hear me clearly? Mnet.  All-kill Daesang but still can’t swallow this anger!
  •  If the frame í too small, then look for another picture or edit it yourself.  Why are you trying to insert pictures with only 6 people?
  •  – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 -?.  A group famous both domestically and internationally, a group that always emphasizes the spirit of teamwork, everywhere must be enough 7. But a big awards ceremony like this, is also the inspirational section of  Korea to the world again, disappointed.  BTS IS 7.

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