BTS V’s sexy sitting posture makes fans crazy

The BTS Member Is Praised For His Natural Charm, Despite A Very Normal Sitting Posture, But He Still Has A Strange Charm.

AAnAn aadadvadveadveradver\\\An advertisement photo of V (BTS) for a recent brand makes ARMYs “crazy”. Fans are fascinated by the sexy aura, the powerful sitting posture of the male idol born in 1995.
In the concept photo of the Japanese album BTS The Best released on April 16, V also attracted attention when posing an extremely “cool” sitting pose.
On Twitter, the keyword “Taehyung sitting” becomes a popular keyword. Fans synthesize a series of moments when the male idol sits on the chair. Many fans think that V has a powerful aura like a “boss” every time he has this pose
During the Dynamite era, V’s black-and-white pictures were likened to a Hollywood actor in the 60s
V he looked extremely confident and seductive when putting his arm on the chair
This pose makes V more masculine and attractive in magazine photoshoots.
The “cool” image of V when taken for Weverse Magazine once made the Army crazy.
The male idol looks like a boss while sitting in the artist row at The Fact Music Awards 2019.
V’s sitting posture to finish the choreography of Dionysus is always a highlight for the performance
V’s cold handsome looks make him look like a character coming out of a novel
In daily moments, V’s sitting posture still has a strange charm.
The male beauty of BTS is praised for his natural charm, despite a very normal sitting posture, but still has a strange charm.

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