BTS V transformed into a masterpiece with dyed hair

V, a member of boy group BTS, recently stunned fans with his sculpture-like appearance with dyed hair. 

On May 31st, BTS V shared a photo along with the caption “Swoosh” through his Instagram story. 

In the released photo, V can be seen taking a photo of himself from the side after boarding a plane. The male idol’s sharp jawline and changed hair color immediately captured attention.


It is known that V departed from Incheon International Airport in the afternoon on the same day for his overseas schedule.

Prior to this, V garnered hot attention from fans on May 30th by posting several daily life photos taken on the street through his social media. The photos showed V freely walking around the streets, showcasing his fashion with a black t-shirt and jeans. His visual looks as if taken straight from a photoshoot from any angle, evoking admiration.

Meanwhile, on May 22nd, V attended a private dinner event organized by Celine, which was held in France. He is currently active as an official ambassador for the luxury brand.


After finishing this schedule, the BTS member returned to Korea on the afternoon of May 27th.

Regarding this, V’s agency, Big Hit Music, officially stated to Newsen on May 22nd, “V visited France to attend an event and take a fashion photoshoot for Celine.”

Source: Daum

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