BTS V – The most handsome man of 2021

BTS V ranked No.1 in the ‘Most handsome men of 2021’ chart, which was organized by foreign media.

bts v

Recently, “BESTTOPERS”, a life entertainment site, has released the list of TOP 10 2021’s most handsome men in the world, and it turned out that V charted No.1

The media site introduced V as “V – the best-looking member of BTS – is famous for holding an outstanding visual and a unique vocal”.

After V, the 2nd place was earned by Brad Pitt, followed by Canadian model Noah Mills, actor Robert Pattinson, Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau, actor Tom Cruise, Chris Evans, Henry Cavill, etc.

In addition, another entertainment site, “The Bulletin Times”, also picked V as the No.1 handsome man of 2021.

Earlier, V charted No.1 on the “The world’s most beautiful faces of 2021” chart conducted by the “Special Awards”. He also topped the list of “Most attractive men of Asia” for 3 consecutive years.

Moreover, V dominated the 1st place in the surveys held by “Rankings”, a famous Japanese voting site, including “Most handsome Korean idols” and “The best-looking member of BTS”. V was also chosen in the TOP 3 of “Handsome actors of K drama” list by the fashion magazine ‘JJ’, and TOP4 “Most handsome men of the New Hallyu” by ‘25ans’.

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