BTS V promised to return soon, NME complimented his “shining presence even when sitting+emotional elegance”

BTS (BTS) V’s apology to fans after their concert. The British music review magazine NME rained V with compliments.   

In an article titled “BTS’ V apologises for not performing ‘enough’ during ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’ concert due to injury”, NME posted the touching apology V left after the concert and his resolution saying, “I’ll come back even cooler.”

Ahead of the online concert held on the 24th, V complained of calf muscle pain during rehearsals and was examined and treated at a nearby hospital. V then participated in the opening stage seated on a chair as the medical staff strongly recommended he continue without doing the choreography. Although he could not participate in the intense performance, V‘s soft and soulful heavenly voice filled the concert hall, and his sitting alone gave off charisma, drawing admiration from fans.

V expressed his sorry throughout the concert. In his closing ment, he expressed his frustration, saying, “I’m upset that I had a knee problem. I thought I would be really happy if we get to do a concert, but I’m sorry that I can’t stand on the main stage and can only watch our members dance.” After the concert, V repeatedly apologized to fans on Weverse, saying, “I will come back cooler. You bought such expensive tickets, so I’m really sorry that I wasn’t able to show you a good enough performance.

In a concert review that NME rated 5 stars, they commented, “Due to an injury just before the concert, V’s movements were restricted, and he had to sit on a black chair at the side of the stage for the whole time. However, this couldn’t stop his presence from shining on stage. V did participate in the choreographies that consisted of only a few movements, such as “Blood Sweat and Tears”. Moreover, while singing “Blue and Gray”, his sad and sincere expression matched the lyrics so well, giving a much emotional elegance as if he was drawing a window for people to look into his soul”. Despite having to sit on a chair most of the time, V still surprised fans around the world with his overwhelming stage presence.

The world-class musical star Lea Salonga expressed her admiration for V, saying, “Taehyung did his best in the given situation. Even when sitting like a boss, he still impressed people with his presence. His deep baritone voice was like giving us a big hug”. She also comforted V by talking about her experience of performing on a crutch at a concert in the U.S 2 years ago. Philiana, the chief editor of the U.S entertainment program ET, and Fatima of the USA Today commented, “His stage presence as a top tier performer becomes 10 000 times hotter while sitting down.”

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