BTS V and actor Park Hyung-sik launched a special support for Pickboy’s comeback

BTS V X Park Hyung-sik to appear in the music video of a new song by Pickboy… “First Synergy”

According to media outlet reports, V and Park Hyung-sik will appear in the music video of Pickboy’s new song. That a BTS member appears in a music video of another singer who is not a junior artist of the agency is unprecedented. Park Hyung-sik has been focusing on acting since the end of his activities for Children of Empire in 2017, so his first appearance in a music video in 4 years is a welcome addition.

BTS V and actor Park Hyung-sik launched a special support for Pickboy's comeback

Particularly, V and Park Hyung-sik are widely known as artists who have maintained a close friendship after appearing together in the KBS2 drama ‘Hwarang’. The two of them appeared as cameos in the music video for the new song of Peakboy, raising the expectations of global fans.

BTS is writing a new history with their new English song ‘Butter’, occupying the top spot on Billboard’s main single chart ‘Hot 100’ for 6 weeks in a row. They will release the single CD ‘Butter’ on the 9th, including ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance’ which Ed Sheeran participated in producing.

Park Hyung-sik finished his military service safely and announced his return to the drama ‘Happiness’. ‘Happiness’ is an urban thriller in the new normal era, when infectious diseases are commonplace, class discrimination and nerve wars taking place in newly built apartments in a large city where high-rises are sold for general sale and low-rises are divided into rental housing, and a new kind of infectious disease, madness, appears and cracks lead to catastrophe. It’s an apocalypse with an apartment in the background. In the drama, Park Hyung-sik takes on the role of Jung Yi-hyeon, a detective in the Seyang Police Department’s violent squad and Yoon Sae-bom’s high school classmate and fake husband.

Source: Nate