BTS turned into elegant 70s gentlemen, praised for their progress in English singing at MTV VMAs 2020

Finally, fans were able to admire the first Dynamite stage after more than a week of BTS comeback.

On the morning of August 31 (KST), BTS performed the song “Dynamite” at the awards ceremony MTV Video Music Awards 2020 (MTV VMAs 2020). This is the first stage with 7 members since their comeback, and even more special since this is also the first time they attend and perform at this awards ceremony.

Because of the epidemic, BTS had to record the performance in Korea, but the group still brought an impressive Dynamite stage to VMAs 2020. The boys appeared in elegant suits like 7 gentlemen in the 70s of the last century, showed off their smooth, sweet live vocals and funny dances. The background of BTS’s performance is also an image of New York City at night, giving viewers the feeling as if the group is actually performing live at the ceremony.

BTS’s first Dynamite stage received countless praise from fans who had to wait more than a week to see the members perform this song. In addition to compliments on appearance and performance skills, many people also commented that the 7 members’ English pronunciation has improved significantly.

At this year’s VMAs awards ceremony, BTS received 4 nominations: Best Pop, Best Choreography, Best Group, and Best Kpop. The group excellently won all the above awards. Currently the hashtag #BTSVMAS is also ranked 6th on Twitter’s top trending worldwide to congratulate the boys and their successful performance.

Sources: k14

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