BTS tries their hand at ‘Squid Game’: V’s stunned expression while playing a candy cup can make a sound!

The folk games similar to Squid Game: ‘Red Light, Green Light’, splitting Dalgona candy have appeared many times in ‘Run! BTS’.

Squid Game is the most interesting blockbuster on SNS in recent days. The childhood games of Korean children used in the film are also the subject of much discussion.

If you pay close attention, in many reality shows, stars have incorporated these folk games many times, typical of which can be mentioned ‘Run! BTS’. Green Light, Red Light, and splitting Dalgona candy have been played by Bighit’s golden boys for a long time.

Game ‘Red Light, Green Light’

One member will take the role of administrator, turning away from the participants. The haunting command “The Mugung flower has bloomed” is also read out exactly like the movie. Just seeing someone move, that person is immediately eliminated. In this game, the remaining members must capture the flag and run to the starting line without being caught by the game manager.

Splitting Dalgona Candy

7 boys will do from the first stage of cooking candy, creating molds to separating shapes. According to BTS, there will be different names in each place, such as Busan will call it Jjokja, in Daegu it will be called Bbobki… The mold is diverse in shapes from hearts, stars, circles, it looks simple but still needs certain attention and ingenuity.

A gentle side…
The other side is “violent” like this!
Making candy doesn’t have the pressure like in ‘Squid Game’, so just relax
Despite their best efforts, no one succeeded in separating the candy
The moment when V failed to separate the candy, the shocked expression was like a scene from the movie, and the sound after that would be…
So the boys decide to sit back and eat healthily!
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