This group beat the great senior BIG BANG to rank No.1 in the April Male Idol Group Brand Reputation Ranking

April boy group brand reputation rankings have been revealed. 

This month’s rankings were decided by The Korean Business Research Institute through an analysis of K-pop boy groups’ consumer behavior, media coverage, communication, and community indexes, based on big data collected from March 9 to April 9, with the total amount of data increased by 21.05% compared to last month. 

For the 47th month in a row, 1st place continued to be occupied by BTS with a brand reputation index of 13,032,735, a participation index of 1,436,240, a media index of 3,721,841, an interaction index of 3,694,063, and a community index of 4,180,591. Compared to BTS’ brand reputation index of 11,704,137 in March, it increased by 11.35%.

BTS Grammy 2022

Phrases that ranked the highest in BTS’s keyword analysis were “Time magazine,” “cover model,” and “The Grammys,” while the Top 3 terms in their link analysis were “selected,” “influential,” and “misfire.” Moreover, the positive/negative ratio analysis of BTS was 85.46%. 

BIGBANG came in 2nd place with a brand reputation index of 7,655,526, a participation index of 1,140,868, a media index of 2,983,700, an interaction index of 1,624,483, a community index of 1,906,475. The brand reputation index rose significantly by 847.13% compared to March following BIGBANG’s recent comeback with “Still Life”. 

BIGBANG comeback 2022

SEVENTEEN ranked 3rd place, with a reputation index of 3,264,715, a participation index of 384,970, a media index of 1,242,890, an interaction index of 657,406, and a community index of 979,449. Compared to the brand reputation index of 3,408,409 in March, it decreased by 4.22%.


EXO was 4th place with a brand reputation index of 2,718,934, marking a slight increase by 4.52% compared to March.


NCT was the last group that made it into the Top 5 with a brand reputation index 2,694,839, recording an increase by 16.24% compared to March.


Boy group brand reputation rankings for April 2022 are in this order: BTS, BIGBANG, SEVENTEEN, EXO, NCT, Stray Kids, BTOB, Super Junior, The Boyz, MONSTA X, SHINee, TREASURE, ASTRO, Wanna One, NU’EST, 2PM, ENHYPEN, Tomorrow x Together, Infinite, WINNER, SF9, ATEEZ, Pentagon, Tan, VIXX, TVXQ, Wei, Highlight, CRAVITY, Block B, GOT7, Verivery, Golden Child, NINE.i, MIRAE, Victon, Shinhwa, KNK, Tempest, B1A4, FT Island, Withers, 2AM, P-Nation, Teen Top, JYJ, ONF, Oneus, UP10TION, and BAE173. 

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