BTS’ top 3 most viewed videos on SNS

BTS’ one of the secrets to become popular is active communication with fans through social media.

The group’s Twitter account has already surpassed 10 million people for the first time in Korea.

BTS is known as Top 10 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and the most popular boy group in the U.S. Below are three video with the most views taken from @BTS_twt , BTS‘ official Twitter account.

The top spot is the Kiki Challenge video of BTS‘ main dancer J-hope.  The Kiki Challenge is about a song by American hip-hop musician Drake and dancing next to a slow-moving car.

The video produced numerous reaction videos and shot 551k in less than a day, demonstrating its influence like a global idol.

The second place is the piercing video of BTS V, who was named the most handsome face in 2017 by TC Candler.

The image of V wearing an unconventional lip piercing that had not been seen in the past was very resonating with fans.

The third place was BTS J-hope‘s video, published on August 27, 2018. The video is a cheerful dancing video performed by J-hope on the beach overlooking the sea of Malta.

Roy Kim’s “Only Then” cover video, uploaded by BTS Jungkook on the sound cloud, has become a hot topic of conversation. The video was released as a surprise gift for fans through the official SNS of BTS. “I love you. That is nice. All hail Jungkook,” Roy Kim said. He also gave a warm welcome by covering BTS “Spring Day”.

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