BTS’ synchronization that made Jungkook disappear on stage

There’s a GIF that has thrown BTS’ fans into confusion recently. The GIF shows that BTS’ teamwork is so perfect it can even create optical illusions.

The top boy group BTS recently starred in NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” They even performed a stage live for their fans.

Take notice to the clothes of Jungkook and RM.

Jungkook wore a dark red-ton suit and RM wore a gold suit with brilliant patterns.

V is dancing at the end of the stage. At first glance, it feels like only one person is being caught by the camera.

There’s only one silhouette in action when it’s time the choreography changed.

But when the camera moves, Jungkook pops out suddenly between V and RM.

His sudden appearance shocks everyone.

It turns out that after V, Jungkook was dancing in the same movement. Their synchronization is so on point that the maknae is hidden.

And that’s where you can see how much BTS have practiced. As expected, there are reasons why they are so popular overseas.

Sources: Dispatch

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