BTS Suga’s touching story about the CSAT in the past was brought up again ahead of the 2022 CSAT exam

When there is one day left before the 2022 CSAT Exam, old posts of BTS Suga are being re-examined.

The 2022 CSAT will be held on November 18th. This is when all the effort of all Korean exam students will pay off. A day before the CSAT, a story about CSAT that BTS confessed in the past has recently been brought up again and caught the attention of netizens on online communities.


On the evening before the 2015 CSAT, Suga recalled and told the story of the time when he took the CSAT through the official Twitter account of BTS. During his trainee life, Suga lived in a dorm with the members, and he was the first person to take the CSAT exam among them all. While he was trying to fall asleep at night, he heard the sound of his members packing lunch boxes.


Suga pretended to have slept by not going to the WC. Early in the morning of the following day, he received a lunch box from his younger brothers and headed to the CSAT exam location. Recalling that time, Suga confessed, “When I went across Garosu-gil, time suddenly went slow like slow motion. Even I, who had not been interested in studying at all since I was 17 years old, was nervous. I felt really nervous at that time, so I wonder how nervous you all would be right now.”


During lunchtime, Suga opened his lunch box and found letters written by the members on an A4 paper along with food such as chicken breast and rolled omelet. Since the members didn’t have much money during their trainee days, they couldn’t afford to buy delicious food or a proper letter paper. “It was hard to chew the cold chicken breast, but I enjoyed the food so much”, Suga said while recalling how he was so emotional back then.


Suga confessed his feelings after taking the CSAT test, saying, “I felt hundreds and thousands of emotions. I thought my 12 years of school were finally over. I couldn’t sleep on the day I took the test. I felt empty, and there were many thoughts in my mind.”


Then, Suga said, “I was so nervous like that, but I believe you won’t be like me because it’s you all, right? So don’t be nervous and just calmly finish your exam.” Suga cheered for the students, saying, “Take the CSAT then play as much as you want. Whether you do the test well or not, you have been studying so hard for 12 years, so you must play to relax”. He said, “I thought taking CSAT and turning 20 years old were something special, but there was actually nothing. So don’t be nervous. Just do as much as you want, no more or less.”

The 2022 College Scholastic Ability Test, which will be held on November 18th, will attract nearly 510,000 examinees from 1,300 exam locations in the whole country. This will be a chance for students to show all the skills they have studied so far.


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