BTS still set a new record with new single thanks to J-ARMYs despites shirt scandal

Despites struggling in Japan, the single ‘Fake Love / Airplane pt.2’ still set a new sales record on Oricon Daily.

Recently, BTS‘ Japanese 9th single “Fake Love / Airplane pt.2” has been on shelves in Japan. This product was released at a very sensitive time when Jimin is being criticized for his atomic bomb T-shirt. Due to this scandal, Japanese netizens kicked off a wave of boycotting the boy group of Big Hit. Recently, BTS has canceled a music event in this country because of Jimin’s controversy.

Even so, BTS’ single has achieved very good results in Japan. On the day of its release, the product has topped the Oricon Daily chart with sales of 327,342 copies. This is the best record that BTS has achieved in Japan since their first attacking this market in 2014. At the same time, BTS also became the group that owns the highest selling single album in its first day of all K-POP idol groups in Japan.

However, the tensions between the two countries have caused many artists and entertainment companies to worry as Japan is one of the most major markets for K-POP idols. If the wave of boycotting K-POP is pushed up strongly, K-pop groups are likely to suffer significant losses.

Sources: tinnhac

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