BTS, STAYC are extremely beautiful wearing hanbok for the Lunar New Year

A series of photos of BTS and StayC wearing hanbok during the Tet holiday received many compliments for being so beautiful

On February 11, a series of Korean stars sent their greetings on the Lunar New Year to fans.  Many groups wear traditional hanbok, giving fans beautiful images before the new year.  BTS and StayC caught attention on TheQoo and Pann Nate thanks to their extremely beautiful hanbok.  Netizens believe that the hanbok that BTS and StayC fit well with the group’s visuals, bring a luxurious and elegant look that makes fans admire.

Isa (StayC) wears purple hanbok, showing off a gentle beauty different from her cool visual.
J is gentle in a beautiful turquoise hanbok.
J is one of the potential visuals of Kpop new generation
Yoon looks like a shy girl with a gentle hairstyle.
Si Eun is like an actress in a historical drama thanks to her beauty that matches with hanbok.

Si Eun’s lovely smile makes fans fall in love

Se Eun is extremely charming in a white hanbok.
BTS look classy in traditional hanbok.

Sources: ione

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