BTS RM updates his whereabouts and shares spring moments with fans, “I’m doing well” 

BTS leader RM revealed how he is enjoying the warm spring.

On March 27th, RM posted several photos on his SNS account with the message, “I’m doing well”. In the released pictures, there is a selfie showing RM’s stylish fashion sense, a photo he took from the side mirror of the passenger seat, various art pieces proving his love for art, and spring flowers in full bloom.

In addition, RM shared the song “First Love – 2022 Mix” by Hikaru Utada on his Instagram Story. He then posted a photo of plum blossoms and added the caption, “Now I know the difference between plum blossoms and cherry blossoms…”. RM seems to be enjoying spring through music, fashion, and flowers.

In fact, the biggest difference between plum blossoms and cherry blossoms is the blooming time. Plum blossoms bloom first, and after they wither, cherry blossoms bloom. 

BTS RM instagram

Meanwhile, RM played the role of an MC on tvN’s variety show “The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge”, which ended in January

Source: Daum

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