BTS RM posted “Oh” at midnight. Was he also disappointed about the broadcast of “Street Dance Girls Fighter”?

RM posted an ambiguous post with only two letters on Weverse at midnight.

BTS RM posted “Oh..” on Weverse at 12:29 P.M, raising fans’ curiosity about its meaning.

RM Weverse

He didn’t leave any comment to explain his post, but fans have guessed that RM, a fan of Street Dance Girls Fighter, might have expressed his regret over the controversy over the content and editing of the latest episode broadcast. This is because as soon as last week’s episode of “Street Dance Girls Fighter” ended, he also made a post, saying, “Oh My Amazon”.

“Street Dance Girls Fighter” is gaining high ratings amidst netizens’ high interest. However, in the latest episode, the fact that some teams made choreographies without showing their sincerity in the “Choreography Trade” content caused controversies.

RM Weverse

Meanwhile, RM was recently chosen as the No.1 star whom fans wanted to invite to their Christmas party. In a survey called “Which star do you want to invite to a Christmas party?” conducted on Idol Chart from December 20th to December 25th, RM topped the list with 17,452 out of 67,452 votes (about 19%). 


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