BTS RM directly denied the rumor of him having a romantic relationship with a chaebol

BTS RM strongly refuted the dating rumor surrounding him lately.

bts rm

RM went on Weverse, a site for BTS‘s fans, on December 31st and wrote, “I have no idea who she is, and the Poodle is my friend’s pet”.

bts rm

Fans who read this post expressed explosive reactions on the online community theqoo and Weverse, saying, “Sure. I knew it”, “Hope things like this won’t happen in 2022”, “This is so annoying”, “He said everything he had to say”, “We have to protect him”

Earlier on December 30th, a video was posted on the YouTube channel “[탈덕수용소] Sojang” with the title, “[BTS RM♡Chaebol Girlfriend] 9 Lovestagram evidence – First time Released.”

In the video, the YouTuber raised a rumor of RM’s romantic relationship, saying, “The fact that RM has a rich girlfriend is a common fact among informative fans.” He claimed that the poodle that RM held in his arms in a photo was his girlfriend’s.

In response, BTS’s agency Big Hit Music released an official press release on December 1st, saying, “The rumors of RM’s romantic relationship are groundless,” adding, “We are taking all possible civil and lawful measures against YouTube and DC Inside accounts that repeat these actions.”

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